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  The residential market has quickly become  popular with installing a custom floor coating somewhere in the home or garage.  The garage is a big portion of the home that is often looked at as a cold neglected area for storage. The right coating can change this prospective to one of elegance, attractiveness and become a very popular addition to a home.
 We address this issue with each home owner on what is the right solution for them. Every install  is carefully tailored to your individual needs. Most installations, like a two car garage, are finished in a single day.  Have a closer look inside.
Custom Floor Coatings
The commercial market. No more flooring maintenance costs. Carpet cleaning is expense and new carpet looks worn out with in few weeks time.  VCT tile requires stripping and rewaxing every couple of weeks to keep its shine. Also the tiles are very brittle and constantly need replacing.. This leads to more downtime and and expense you dont need.

With our floor coatings there are no maintainence costs to worry about or wear issues. Its easy to clean, stain resistant, stratch resistant and will last for years.  Strong deep finishes no color fading or yellowing. A floor you can be proud of and your customer can appreciate.
The industrial market, can be brutial on floors; especially if your use chemicals.  The product we use has no VOC's, odorless and curing time is 1 to 2 hours. They can handle radiant temps of 350 degrees. 

There is no need to section off parts of your plant  for days with our coating.  Easy to clean and hides scratches for years. This can give a plant the right protection it needs from small chemical spills and the professional look it wants with our variety of choices.  
- No Yellowing
- UV Stable 
- Scratch Resistant
- Chemical Resistant
- Excellent Color Retention
- Same Day Return to Service
Office Hours 8am-5pm
Fast Cure
No Odor

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