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Fast Cure
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- No Yellowing
- UV Stable
- Scratch Resistant
- Chemical Resistant
- Excellent Color Retention
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FloorPrep Solutions of Houston, TX

We are a custom floor coatings installation company.  We use only industrial strength products and the right techniques for proper coating adhesion. Our products far surpass our competition and are nothing like the coatings from 20-30 years ago that most installers continue to use because they are abundant and cheap.

Our competitors claim that their products and processes  are better but this is simply not true. They use outdated products and techniques that produce poor wear results and take 3 to 4 times longer to cure properly costing you time, money and frustration that you just don't need. In the end they fail anyway because they don't bond to the surface properly.

Our Commitment to our clients

We actively seek out only the newest and most advance coatings for our clients in an ever changing market place. We have the experience and know how that other companies just do not have. Our Installations range from garages and houses to machine shops and chemical plants.  We guarantee your satisfaction with our install from performance to looks. Our number one concern is your satisfaction. 

Our Product Line

Industrial strength fast cure polyapartic polyurea,   All epoxies will break down over time in UV and must never be used outdoors or sunlit areas for long periods of time. Polyaspartics are UV stability and have high stratch resistance. Excellent color retention. No odor formula available.
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