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Fast Cure
Fast Cure
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- No Yellowing
- UV Stable
- Scratch Resistant
- Chemical Resistant
- Excellent Color Retention
- Same Day Return to Service
Industrial Market
* Rapid curing (from 5 to 120 minutes, depending on the formulation)
    * Can be successfully applied at surface temperatures from -30°F to 140°F
    * Very low viscosity—equivalent to water—which gives it outstanding wetting ability on a properly prepared concrete floor
    * High film build (up to 18 mils in a single coat)
    * Bubble-free surfaces even at high humidity (although high humidity can speed up the cure time considerably)
    * Pot-life of 5 to 120 minutes
    * UV stable so it will never turn yellow—and can provide UV protection to underlying coatings
    * Made with a high solids content (as high as 100%), which means low or no volatile organics (VOCs) during application
    * The cured coating can handle temperatures up to 350°F
    * Crystal clear and does not blush white from moisture in the concrete
    * Able to resist most stains, especially from oils and fats and even from red wine
    * High abrasion resistance—higher than epoxy or urethane

What Are Polyaspartics?

FloorPrep Solutions
Dallas, TX
Industrial Plants, chemical labs, industrial manufacturing, If this is you then we know exactly what you need.  Industrial businesses need a protective, chemical resistant coating. Epoxy just does hold up to the high temperature demands that these plants produce.  They still require a protective urethane coating on top.  A procedure like this will take days to install cause of the slow cure time, that still doesn't protect them from the heat. It will get soft and sponge and pull and stick to whatever comes in contact with it.

After reading the section "what are polyaspartics" you now know that this coating will is the one that fits your needs perfectly.  It doesn't take days on end to install while waiting for it cure.  Return to service in matter of hours not days.  

This is not the cheap stuff at the big box stores.  It is truly a industrial strength, industrial grade product.  Use on wood, metal or concrete surfaces.

Our Process

We survey the surface and determined if it needs any repair or patch work to be done. Any cracks in the surface are ground out and clean and filled in with our two part Liquilastic Polyurea which cures in less than 15mins. 

Then we can grind or shot-blast the surface to open the pour of the substrate so a proper bond can be formed between the coating and the surface. This is wear most coatings can fail if this is not done right.

Now our fast cure coating can be mixed and applied completely covering the repair cracks. Giving the surface completely uniform color and appearance.  In just a few hours time the surface is ready to return to service. 

Before Repair
After Repair, coating covering the repair
Grind Out
Fill in and Repair
Need to install it yourself?
The Right Solution for You
A Fast Cure Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea coating, that has 3 times the scratch resistance, twice the adhesion. Other characteristics include: