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Fast Cure
Fast Cure
- No Yellowing
- UV Stable
- Scratch Resistant
- Chemical Resistant
- Excellent Color Retention
- Same Day Return to Service
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MSDS sheets

100% Solids Polyaspartic 
 - Drys in 1-2 Hours for light foot traffic. 100% solids formula. Coverage 100-150 sq/ft per gallon.Clear resin. No Odor
Liquilastic 600 Flex
- Fill in the unsightly cracks and diviots cures in 5 minutes. Great to fill small cracks and joint replacement.
92% Solids Polyapartic 
- Dry in 1-2 hours, Easier formula to work with. Allows for more work time before it sets up. High solids formula. Clear resin. Faint Odor.
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Liquilastic Catridge 600 gun
- For Use with  the 600 cartridge tubes (21oz).

FloorPrep Solutions
Dallas, TX
Cartridge Gun
Polyaspartic Color Pigment
- Add some color to your resin, many colors to choose from.
-One 1/2 Pint container to 1.0 -1.5 gallons of resin.
Metallic Powder Pigment
- Looks like marble/granite surface
-The powder floats in the resin creating variations in color.
-One 4oz container per 1.0 - 1.5 gallons of resin.
Pint size color options
Color Options - 4oz.
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Liquilastic 600 Welder
- For use with silica sand. Cures in 5 minutes. clean out cracks with alcohol and brush
Tools and Supplies
Helix Mixer
Wire Brush
Tools and Supplies
Grease Monkey
Nitrile Gloves
40 pac. $6.25
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Garage Floor Kit – 015
Kit Contains:
(2) 1 gallon pails 015 Part A
(2) Quart Bottle 015 Part B
(2) 3/8” Roller Cover 9”
(1) 9” Roller Frame
(1) 1 Gallon Mixer
(2) Paint Brushes 3” or 2” 
(1) 1 lb bag Paint Chips
(1) Pair Vinyl Gloves
(1) 6 Gallon Plastic Pail


Garage Floor Kit-707LVP
Kit Contains:
(1) 1 gallon 707LVP Part A
(1) ½ gallon 707LVP Part B
(1) ¼” Roller Cover 9” 
(1) 9” Roller Frame
(1) 1 Gallon Mixer
(1) Paint Brush 2” or 3”
(1) 1 lb Paint Chip
(1) Pair Vinyl Gloves
(1) 6 Gallon Plastic Pail


Residential/Homeowner Epoxy Value kits
                 (Waterbased Epoxy)
These kits are perfect for the homeowner that is looking for a simple do-it-yourself project for their garage to add value and keep cost low. Kits include everything that is listed and need to complete the job.
Coverage: (Kit - 015) 300 sq/ft
               (Kit - 707LVP) 200 sq/ft
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Garage Floor Kit - 015
Garage Floor Kit - 707LVP
18in Rubber Floor Squeegee,
The best to use for spreading coatings and easy to clean. $9.50
Color Paint Chip Selections 
-Toss these chips into your floor coating for unique look. Many color blends to choose from.
Paint Chip Colors
Chip Color Choice
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1/2 gallon size color options
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More Color Options - 4oz.