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Custom Floor Coatings
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- No Yellowing
- UV Stable
- Scratch Resistant
- Chemical Resistant
- Excellent Color Retention
- Same Day Return to Service
Fast Cure
Fast Cure
                                Custom Floor Coating Installations:

We specialize in designing and installing a custom floor coating to a customer's wants and needs. In most cases a simple one color coating with flake is done within one day. Return to service in less than a 24 hour period. Proper concrete preparation is required for successful coating adhesion. We clean, prep and repair concrete surfaces before we apply any coating.

Custom colors and designs are available. We can color match virtually anything, if you have a favorite sports team make it the center theme in your garage. Complete with embedded logo and colors to match. This really transforms any space and makes it attractive and the focal point of the house.

I bet your asking yourself what is this product that can match any color and hold up under heavy traffic and hot tires. Its Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea, this new technological coating has really changed the flooring industry. This gives you, the consumer, a wide range of choices in how your floor can look. It can hold up to tremendous amount of punishment and heavy traffic, while still looking great for years to come with little to no downtime for the coating to cure.

Consumer Options:
Metallic Pigment: This additive gives the coating a marbleized look to it with beautiful variations in pattern and gives it a deep finish.

Solid Color Pigment: This additive tints the coating to solid color of your choice. It too also yields a very nice deep shine without the variations in pattern.

Color Flakes: These color flakes are broadcasted into the color pigmented resin as a another choice in floor coating appearance as well as provide extra protection. The best choice in hiding cracks and  appearance of scratches and wear spots that come over time versus slick top coatings.

Non Slip Additive: This is a very fine granular power that is broadcasted in a resin for non slip protection. All surfaces get slippery when wet. This gives the added traction needed when spills occur or you tract something slippery on your shoes.  
    Services Offered:

- Concrete Repair 
    (patch and crack filling)
- Clean and Prep concrete
- Install custom coatings on          concrete surfaces
- Powerwashing Services
FloorPrep Solutions

Service Markets include: